Custom Designed Program

GreenWays can custom design a storage and pick-up program to fit the needs of any size company with viable recyclable material. You don't even need to cut down your vinyl scrap. GreenWays can process up to 16' lineals in its extra large grinders.

Convenient Options

Containers can be stored outside so they won't take up valuable space inside your facility. Recycling your scrap with GreenWays also means you don't have to pay for its removal—we actually pay YOU to take it away! And you can feel good about doing your part to be environmentally responsible.

Great Service

Reliable, consistent service with timely pick-ups mean you have more space in your yard or facility to store your sellable product. Don't let your scrap cost you sales and money—let it become an easy source of revenue.

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Depending upon your needs, GreenWays will supply the best container for scrap storage. We offer several options, such as:

  • Super sacks
  • Long-length super sacks
  • Large or medium rates
  • Gaylords

Shipping Routes

GreenWays maximizes Barrette customer and vendor shipping routes. Development of a national routing system is currently underway. Routes are now available in the following states and regions:

  • Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Northeast Region
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Tennessee
  • Kentucky
  • Ohio
  • Alabama

Packing Lumber Pick-Up

GreenWays will also pick up your leftover 2" x 6" pieces of packing lumber from your vinyl bundle delivery and recycle them for free. Simply remove any nails, stack it next to your vinyl scrap and let our driver know at your next pick-up.