What We Do | GreenWays

GreenWays Recycling Centers

With combined 200,000 square foot recycling centers in Virginia and Florida, GreenWays has the facilities to handle any size recycling project.

When scrap enters a GreenWays Recycling Center, it is sorted and processed to create regrind free of contaminants. The regrind is mixed and pulverized into material that outperforms typical fence substrate.

GreenWays Recycling Centers also house large capacity grinders that can handle PVC lineals up to 16' in length — meaning you don't have to waste valuable time cutting up large scrap materials.

GreenWays supplies trailers for high volume and large recycling opportunities.

We Purchase High-Quality, Pre and Post-Consumer Rigid PVC.

Vinyl Windows, Fence, Railing and Siding

Rigid Vinyl Profiles

Rigid PVC

How Your Scrap Goes Full Circle

Once recycled, the regrind generated through your participation in Barrette's GreenWays program is used to produce substrate that is used in vinyl fencing for Barrette's WeatherWise Vinyl Fencing product line.

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Barrette's commitment to sustainable and environmentally-responsible practices, partnered with its long history of producing high-quality outdoor products is a testament to the company's forward-thinking approach to manufacturing.

Recycled Substrate

Rail Being Molded

Rail Being Packaged

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